April 19, 2018

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5 Open Source Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

Linux and open source rule the wireless hotspot world, and Eric Geier has rounded up five excellent, feature-packed open source wireless hotspots for us.

Tech Support from the Other Side of the Phone

Cathy Malmrose, the CEO of ZaReason, wishes customers would call sooner when they have problems, instead of waiting until they're completely frustrated. Why don't they?

What's Really Inside the Red Hat Linux Kernel?

Sitting at the heart of every Linux OS distribution is a Linux kernel. When it comes to the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 release, the issue of which kernel is being used is not a cut and dried answer, however.

What is FOSS, and Why Should You Care?

What is fueling the advance of high tech? Not the old, closed, restrictive proprietary tech companies. The growth, progress and excitement are coming from the FOSS world.

CentOS Goes Commercial

The market for CentOS Linux-based appliances continues growing, thanks in part to a new network-monitoring virtual appliance from GroundWork and commercial support services from OpenLogic.

5 Wireless Security Myths Tested

Hiding SSIDs, WEP is weak, WPA is strong, but wait, didn't WPA fail too? Eric Geier looks at each myth and tells you whether it's verified--or busted.

Exploring Lilliput: Is the Cloud Replacing Tiny Linuxes?

Emery Fletcher has been exploring small-footprint Linux distributions like Damn Small Linux, SliTaz, and Puppy. Since even small mobile devices have lots of RAM and storage these days, and cloud apps are everywhere, are these small Linuxes still worthwhile?

Netbook Ubuntu: Web Client or Real Computer?

Now that Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth is devoting his full energies to desktop design, the changes are coming thick and fast. But are these new designs based on flawed assumptions? Is Ubuntu forking GNOME?

Canonical Landscape 1.5 Extends Ubuntu Linux Management for Enterprises

The latest release of Landscape adds authentication, and cloud and deployment improvements to the Linux management system.

Google is Hungry: Android Gingerbread and Frozen Yogurt Coming Soon

Michelle Megna reports that Google developers have been very busy, rolling out a new royalty-free, open-source video/media format, and baking up fresh hot Android releases full of tasty new features.

Ubuntu or Fedora-- Which is the Best Linux?

Ubuntu and Fedora are the most popular Linux distributions. Can one of them claim bragging rights as the best Linux distribution?

50 Open Source Security Tools

The Free/Open Source software world offers great thundering herds of excellent security software; Cynthia Harvey presents a sampling of 50 FOSS applications for everything from anti-malware to forensics to Internet gateways to networking monitoring, and then some.

A Business Owner Migrates From Blackberry to Android

A business owner tells the tale of his switch from Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry, to cloud-based Google Apps and the Linux-based Android Nexus One.

Linux 2.6.34 Kernel Debuts With New Filesystems

The newest Linux kernel release continues its rapid development pace, adding a pair of new filesystems and boosting virtualization performance.

Linux Dominates Mobile Computing, Windows a No-Show

The latest smartphone sales figures from NPD Group show Google's Linux-based Android OS blowing the iPhone and Windows Mobile clean out of the water. Where is Microsoft in the booming mobile market?

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