June 18, 2018

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Battle Office: OpenOffice vs. Google Docs

The front-runners for replacing the expensive MS Office are openOffice.org and Google Docs, but which one is right for your business?

GNOME 3.0: Evolution, Not Revolution

While KDE's last major version release prompted a near user revolt, a GNOME leader expects a far smoother reception to the upcoming GNOME desktop.

One-Handed Workarounds: Typing With a Broken Thumb

The value of an opposable thumb is more keenly felt when it can't be used. Juliet Kemp looks for ways to keep working with only one typing hand.

Naming Fedora 14: How About Fytnargin?

With Fedora 13 (Goddard) nearing release this month, the Fedora community is now tasked with voting a name for Fedora 14. I like Fytnargin.

Digging into the Red Hat 6 Kernel

Sitting at the heart of every Linux OS distribution is a Linux kernel. When it comes to the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 release, the issue of which kernel is being used is not a cut and dried answer, however.

No More Cheap Supercomputers? Sony Blocks Linux on PS3

Sony faces a class-action lawsuit for removing the "Other OS" feature from their PS3 consoles-- after they were sold and in customer's hands.

KDE vs. GNOME: Who Does DVD Burning and Ripping Better?

When it comes to DVD ripping and burning, Linux users must choose between GNOME simplicity and KDE completeness. Bruce Byfield wonders if either choice is completely satisfying.

Is it Ubuntu, or is it Mac OS X?

Apple is fading from relevance in the computing space as it turns its attention toward phones, Web tablets and other consumer gadgets. Does Ubuntu Linux fill the elegant, functional desktop and server gap left by Apple?

EasyPeasy: Limited-function Netbook, or Real Computer?

EasyPeasy is a simple interface intended for light use, and includes several pieces of proprietary software for convenience. Bruce Byfield takes an in-depth look at this Ubuntu Linux-based netbook operating system.

Ubuntu Claims 12,000 Cloud Computing Deployments

The cloud isn't just a buzzword for Canonical. For the Ubuntu Linux vendor, the cloud is a technology that its users are actually deploying, and Canonical sees profits (at last) in the cloud.

Linux NetworkManager a Solid Tool with New Features

Linux's NetworkManager has evolved into a solid tool that manages wired and wireless Ethernet, mobile broadband, Bluetooth, roaming, IPv6, and offers both a GUI and command-line interface. Joe Brockmeier gives us a tour of the new features in NetworkManager.

At Last, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Three years after its last major release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (beta release) revs up with new open source features, while dumping Xen virtualization in favor of KVM.

Fedora 13's Hidden Treasures

Fedora Beta 13 continues the Fedora tradition of innovation and improvement; in this release they are not readily apparent, so Bruce Byfield does a little digging to see what goodies lie under the hood.

Linux Foundation Head Says OS Can Be 'Fabulous and Free'

Jim Zemlin details where Linux is headed in advance of a major Linux conference, as adoption moves into the broader tech landscape.

Linux Kernel Devs: We Need New Blood

The Linux kernel development team is turning into a gaggle of geezers. Where is the next generation of Linux kernel developers?

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