July 17, 2018

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The Ambitious Future of KDE4

KDE is currently moving in three directions: adding functionality, extending the concept of the social desktop, and the introduction of KDE on to every possible hardware platform. Bruce Byfield learns where KDE is going from lead KDE developer Aaron Seigo.

Memcached Vendors Bulk Up for Web 2.0

Gear6 and Schooner roll out new solutions built on top of the open source memcached distributed caching effort.

How Compiz Fusion and Chaos Built a Linux Hardware Company

ZaReason is a popular independent Linux computer company, founded by Cathy and Earl Malmrose. Cathy Malmrose tells the tale of how ZaReason came into existence thanks to chaos and Compiz Fusion.

GNOME 2.30, the End of the Road

With the delay of GNOME 3.0, the GNOME 2.30 release extends the lifespan of a series stretching back almost a decade.

Ubuntu Claims 12 Million Users as Lucid Linux Desktop Nears

Canonical and Ubuntu revamp the Linux desktop with social networking, mobile sync, downloadable DRM-free music and a new look.

8 Advanced OpenOffice.org Add-ons

OpenOffice is the best cross-platform office productivity suite, but it misses a few popular features like a clipart gallery, Google Docs integration, PDF import, and more than basic templates. But they're out there if you know where to look, and Eric Geier shows the way.

Linux Foundation Objects to BBC DRM

The Linux Foundation, on behalf of its members, would like to register its serious objections to the current BBC/OFCOM proposal, which would impose content management controls on new free-to-air high definition channels.

Linux Desktop Evolves with GNOME 2.30

A new Linux desktop user interface promises a number of innovations, but the big changes are coming soon in GNOME 3.

Linux on Netbooks Reloads With Ubuntu-based Jolicloud

Linux was a resounding failure on netbooks, so what makes this French start-up firm think it can succeed with an Ubuntu Linux derivative?

Ding Dong the SCO is Dead

At long last, after seven years SCO vs. Novell is at an end, and the jury verdict is "SCO. No. Go." But is this really the end of the case that would not die?

Ubuntu Server Aims for the Enterprise

Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, is out with a new study this week looking at how users view and use their server platform.

Recession? What Recession? Red Hat Continues to Grow

Linux vendor Red Hat will report its fiscal 2010 numbers today. Virtualization, cloud services, middleware, a big win on the Tokyo Stock Exchange-- is Red Hat's future as rosy as it appears?

Using Mozilla Prism to Run Web Apps like Local Apps on Linux

Web-based applications are fantastic, except for that whole "running in the browser" thing. Looking to free your browser-based apps from your Web browsing? Take a look at Mozilla Prism.

The New Open Source Business Model Still Relies on Closed Source

Businesses are struggling with how to make money from open-source software. Is going closed-source still the only way?

Novell Linux Appliances Boost Ingres over MySQL

Novell partners with database vendor Ingres to make it easier to build and deploy software appliances -- but what about MySQL?

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