September 23, 2018

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First Look: openSUSE 11 with KDE4

openSUSE 11 was released today, but reviewer Dan Lynch got an early look at the final product. The early verdict: solid, with many office-friendly features for the business desktop. Details and screenshots within.

Fedora 9 Falls A Little Short

Reviewer Dan Lynch takes a test drive on the latest release of Fedora. His experience: some really neat features overshadowed by a lack of stability and too cutting-edge software.

Become A System Rescue Guru With Linux, Part 2

Last week you learned how to rescue a failing hard drive by copying files to a second local hard drive. Carla Schroder walks through network rescues, Windows machine rescues, and fixing the MBR in Part 2 of 2 of the System Rescue series.

The Top 75 Open Source Security Apps

Without much fanfare, the open source security area is growing rapidly. Here are top contenders from anti-virus, firewalls, forensics, intrusion detection, and more.

A New Spin on the Xfce Window Manager

Xfce isn't for everyone, but for servers or minimal desktop systems, it's just what the doctor ordered. Rather lightweight in Window Manager terms--weighing in at around 63MB--Xfce arrives with a full complement of applications from Abiword, gnumeric, and pidgin to CD/DVD burning software (Brasero), Thunar File Manager, and a host of administrative applications.

Power Management on Linux, Part 1

Power management on computers has three parts: selecting devices that are more power-efficient, tuning your systems to run more efficiently, and configuring systems to use less power during periods of inactivity. Servers, desktop machines, and laptops usually need different power management schemes; there isn't a one-size-fits-all.

The Bad Guys Will Cut Off Your Fingers

Linux has always supported Thinkpads pretty well, though the onboard modems and sound are chronic trouble spots. In this article, Carla Schroder focuses on her Lenovo T61's integrated fingerprint reader, to see what is involved in getting it to work on Linux.

Open Source Joomla Emerges as a Top CMS Tool

The Joomla website proclaims that, 'Joomla is one of the most powerful open source content management systems on the planet.' Sure, they're biased about their collaborative open source creation. But there's no arguing that Joomla is quickly becoming one of the top content management system platforms on the Internet.

Losing My Religion: Firefox 3

"Forgive me, Linux Community, for I have sinned. It has been forever since my last confession and I am prepared for my penance. The truth is that I have never particularly cared for the Firefox browser--not because there is anything wrong with it but just because I already have a favorite browser. No, it isn't the one you think it is..."

KDE 4: Wow Factor Fully Engaged

While it may not be fully ready for production systems yet, there is no denying that latest version of the K Desktop Environment is one sharp-looking interface. Reviewer Ken Hess takes a test-drive, and clearly likes what he sees.

How the Linux Community Ranks Distributions

At first, ranking GNU/Linux distributions seems alien to the spirit of free software. After all, free software is all about choice. What should matter is that your distro suits you, not how others judge it. Yet, in practice, community members judge distributions all the time.

Krazy Kubuntu Annoyances

"I'm running Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) on one of my main workstations. As with its sibling Ubuntu, it's an endlessly-entertaining blend of really nice stuff and really irritating stuff..."

Splunk 3.1: Log-Monitoring Revisited

Splunk has been gathering accolades for as long as it has been around. The latest version adds even more polish. Learn what's new, and how to work with some of the limitations the non-enterprise version introduces.

Fie on Photoshop: Image Editing in Linux

It has been said that the most important missing killer app for Linux is a free Adobe Photoshop clone. In this series we'll correct that assertion, and then move on to bringing high-quality digital images to life in Linux itself, without having to use icky old Windows, or spending a pot of money.

Status Report: Chandler Desktop and Server

Earlier this month, the Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF) announced a major staff reorganization, which included the departure of founder Mitch Kapor as head of the OSAF's flagship project, Chandler. After almost seven years of effort there is finally a release remotely resembling something a casual user might consider giving a try.

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