April 25, 2019

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New Direction for KDE 4.6

The next release of KDE 4.6 promises substantial changes both under the hood and in the user interface.

6 Excellent Linux/Open Source Web Servers

Apache isn't the only Web server in town, though it is by far the most popular. Eric Geier rounds up a batch of excellent Open Source Web servers for all occasions, from fully-featured to stripped-down yet capable of handling large loads.

Stage 2 of The Linux Experience: Bodhi

Canonical is attracting hordes of new Linux users with a ready-to-go, good-looking distro. But where does a noob go when they are no longer a noob? What is there for an IT pro with little Linux experience? How about the brand-new Bodhi Linux?

4 Better Web Browsers for Linux and Everyone Else

Our Web browsers do everything these days, and they're also the #1 malware vector. Eric Geier reviews four excellent Web browsers for Linux, Mac, and Windows users that are safer, friendlier, and better than Internet Explorer.

Antec 300 Computer Case Quick Review

What goes inside a computer case matters more than the case-- but a nice case is a pleasure to use, and it runs quieter and cooler. Here's a quick look at the excellent Antec 300.

55 Excellent FOSS Networking Tools

The Free/Open Source software world is cram-full of excellent networking utilities, some free of cost, some costing money, and all excellent. Cynthia Harvey rounds up a herd of 55 of them just for us.

6 Open Source Social Networking Projects

The big social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all use open source software to power their services. Eric Geier rounds up a batch of open source social networking projects that you can deploy in your own organization.

Linux Desktop Comparison: KDE 4 vs. GNOME 3

KDE4 and Gnome 3 are the latest generations of the popular Linux desktop environments. Bruce Byfield stacks them side-by-side to see how they compare.

Gaming is Alive and Well on Linux

Gaming for Linux is growing every day. The Ubuntu Software Center has 488+ games, and there are games in every distro in every category, from puzzles to shooters to sims and more.

Does All Your Code Belong to Canonical?

Once again Canonical is the center of controversy-- this time because of its Canonical's contributor agreement, which some condemn as a flawed document that misses the spirit of FOSS.

Linux Desktop PC on Steroids From ZaReason

I asked independent Linux OEM vendor ZaReason for a high-end super-powered Linux desktop PC to review, and they delivered 8-core madness.

20 Excellent and Useful Desktop Linux Apps

In this article, I want to share some of the applications I use on a daily basis. Some of the applications are GNOME desktop specific, so whenever possible I have included their KDE counterparts to help even things out.

Is Ubuntu 10.10 a GNOME Fork?

Maverick Meerkat introduces a number of significant Gnome changes. These changes are not being made in upstream Gnome, but back in Ubuntu-land, and causing controversy. Does this mean Ubuntu is forking Gnome?

The Android-powered Augen GenTouch78 is no iPad

Apple's iPad is going to get serious competition from Android Linux-powered tablets, but Steven Vaughan-Nichols thinks this one isn't it.

4 Educational Linux Distributions

The Linux/FOSS world is not just for grownups; Eric Geier rounds up a batch of Linux distros that are just for kids.

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