April 25, 2019

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50 Open Source Financial Applications

From balancing your checkbook to running your giant globalcorp, open source has accounting, ERP, business intelligence, billing, human resources, investment, point of sale, spreadsheets, and time-tracking software for everyone; Cynthia Harvey assembles this collection of 50 to get you started.

Travels With Teo: Linux Netbook Hits the Road

I took ZaReason's Teo netbook, running Ubuntu 10.04, on a 2500-mile road trip. How practical is a tiny netbook? Does it make sense in real life, doing real jobs? Yessirree it does.

10 Fun Apps for Linux Users

Break out of your everyday rut with these ten fun Linux applications for everything from videoconferencing to guitar-playing games to making movies, and more!

5 Little Linux Computers

Power-frugal, space-saving, and plenty capable--here are five little boxes that either come with Linux, or can run Linux, and have plenty to like.

Innovative Linux-based Smartphone Wows the Critics and Leads the iPhone

The HTC EVO 4G, a well-reviewed Linux Android 2.1 handset that is wowing the critics, boasts several firsts and is currently a Sprint exclusive in the U.S.

Where Did Your Time Go? GNOME Time Tracker Knows

Your day disappeared again---where did it go? GNOME Time Tracker knows.

Lucid Puppy - Linux for Legacy Computers

What is a lightweight Linux? It seems the bar keeps moving upwards. But there are still genuine lightweight Linuxes that keep good old PCs out of landfills, as Paul Ferrill discovers with Puppy Linux.

AbiWord: The Underappreciated Word Processor

OpenOffice.org isn't the only game in town for open source word processing. One of the best, and underexposed, open word processors is AbiWord.

GIMP vs. The World

GIMP is always compared to Adobe's Photoshop. But is this a fair comparison? Paul Ferrill gives us the straight story on GIMP, Photoshop, Inkscape, CinePaint, and other digital image editors.

Teo, the New Tough Linux Netbook From ZaReason

The nice folks at ZaReason, the independent Linux OEM computer vendor, sent me their Teo tough netbook to review. Is the Teo really tough? It is usable like a real computer? Or just a toy with a funny name?

6 Advanced OpenOffice.org Extensions

The open source OpenOffice productivity suite is a cross-platform powerhouse, and you can add additional functionality by installing extensions. Eric Geier offers six OpenOffice extensions for analyzing readability, special text effects, advanced math functions, and more.

Ultra-minimal Linux Desktops Roundup

What are you to do when you don't want a giant glitzy desktop environment for your Linux system like KDE or GNOME, but just want something lightweight with essential functionality? Try on some of the many excellent lightweight Linux window managers. In this final segment of her excellent Lightweight Linux series, Juliet Kemp reviews Awesome, fvwm, and Ratpoison.

8 Great Paint Programs for Linux

There is more to graphics and photo editing in Linux than the wonderful Gimp. Paul Ferrill rounds up a raft of excellent Linux image editors and paint programs for all ability levels.

8 Great Linux Routers, from SOHO to Enterprise

Eric Geier rounds up eight Linux router projects with a little something for everyone, from Internet gateways for home users to enterprise Cisco replacements.

CloudPlug Wall Wart Backs Up Linux

Tiny wall wart computers are everywhere, providing useful services, ease of use, and using little power. Paul Ferrill reviews the CloudPlug, a cross-platform, expandable backup server for both local and offsite storage.

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