April 25, 2019

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LXDE, the New Lightweight Linux Desktop

Does using a lightweight Linux desktop always mean trading lower resource usage for usability and features? Juliet Kemp reviews LXDE, one of the newest lightweight Linux desktops.

VIA M'SERV: the Perfect Little Linux Box?

Take a small box. Add a 64-bit CPU, two SATA hard drives, a Compact Flash slot, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and quiet operation, and what do you have? The VIA M'SERV mini-server. Could this be the perfect Linux box?

75 Ways to Secure Your Linux/Mac/Windows Systems With Open Source

The Linux/Free Software/Open Source world is cram-full of first-class security applications. Best of all, they're not just for Linux, but protect Mac and Windows too. Cynthia Harvey collects 75 to share with us.

Snap Spiffy Linux Screenshots with Shutter

Paul Ferrill introduces us to the Shutter screen grab for Linux application. Shutter offers a simple interface and a whole lot of functionality. including cursor capture, whole Web page capture, and annotations.

Android vs. iPhone: Google Hires Tim Bray

"The iPhone vision of the mobile Internet�s future omits controversy, sex, and freedom, but includes strict limits on who can know what and who can say what," he wrote. "It's a sterile, Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers."

Igelle DSV: A New Fast Lightweight Linux

Igelle DSV 1.0.0 is a recently released distribution with an eye on simplicity, and a focus on a simple end-user experience and a small footprint.

Linux Wall Wart Works Wonderfully

It looks like a wall wart, but the Tonido Plug is really a fascinating little Linux computer that is sold as a "personal cloud", but you can make it do just about anything, just like any Linux.

10 Cool Firefox Add-Ons

Eric Geier reviews 10 essential Firefox add-ons that will make your cross-platform Mozilla web browser even better. He finds add-ons to help fix annoyances, save time, discover advanced functionality, and stay connected.

Ubuntu 9.10 and GNOME 2.28: Advancing Past Meh

When GNOME 2.0 was born, it left a lot of GNOME users out in the cold because it jettisoned the very features we loved. Eight years later, your editor takes another look at GNOME in the form of the Karmic Koala.

Fresh Version of Linux Mint Offers Tweaks and Updates

When we last reviewed Linux Mint, it received high marks for usability and productivity. Does the new release also rate highly? Paul Ferrill takes it for a test drive to find out.

Which is Better, Ubuntu or Fedora?

Fedora or Ubuntu? That is a question that Linux users are asking with increasing frequency. Bruce Byfield gives an answer.

Discovering ncurses, the GUI for the Linux Console

The Linux world has everything, if you know where to find it, including an in-between option to the command-line interface, and a full-blown X Window System environment. Juliet Kemp talks about ncurses, the excellent graphical environment for the console.

openSUSE Brings New Li-F-E To Schools

Schools should be looking to open source for students, both for lower cost and far greater learning potential, and there are a number of excellent education-oriented Linux distributions. Paul Ferrill takes openSUSE For Schools (Linux For Education) for a spin.

Fedora 12 -- A 'Must Upgrade' and 'Strongly Consider' Distro

Fedora 12 is a great Linux distribution with an impeccable pedigree. While it might not be the best distribution to throw at a total newbie, it is technically solid and stable. Paul Ferrill reviews the latest Fedora release.

Lenovo Blends Linux and Windows Together

Trying to blend Linux and Windows together is like trying to blend oil and water-- they just don't mix. But Lenovo has invented a new approach to running Linux and Windows on the same machine, on their new hybrid laptop with a detachable screen that turns into a tablet PC.

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