April 19, 2019

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Jolicloud Wants to be your Other Linux OS

Jolicloud aims to be a solid netbook OS that "just works." But then, don't they all? Paul Ferrill takes it for a spin and learns if it lives up to the hype.

The Book of Inkscape: A Fine, Rare Pleasure

"The Book of Inkscape" by Dmitry Kirsanov (No Starch Press) calls itself "the definitive guide to the free graphics editor." I call it one of the best howto books of the year.

Mobile Gadgets for Linux Gearheads on the Go

There are more options than ever for mobile Internet, from ubiquitous wi-fi hotspots to purchasing your own personal MiFi to carrying all of Wikipedia with you. Paul Ferrill looks at some cool mobile gadgets for traveling Linux users.

openSUSE 11.2-- Incremental Updates, Plenty of Polish

With the purchase of SUSE by Novell many feared that the brand would be subsumed into the corporate borg and contaminated with proprietary add-ons. But openSUSE goes its own way, and the result is a sleek, reliable distribution with all the bells and whistles. Paul Ferrill takes it for a spin and reports.

Kubuntu Netbook Edition Preview

The smaller screens on netbooks are a usability challenge, comparable to designing a business card when you're used to creating full-page ads. KDE's Plasma Netbook interface is designed for the small screen; Bruce Byfield takes the Kubuntu spin for a test drive.

Life on the Bleeding Edge: Installer Fails in Fedora and Ubuntu

Another week, another round of tinkering and messing around with Linux doodads. The Ubuntu Koala text installer has a years-old bug, and Fedora 11 LiveCD has a showstopping installer bug. Never a dull moment in computer-land!

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 Shines Bright

Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) edition has been around since Ubuntu 8.04, and has taken on some pretty stiff competition of late from Moblin. Inquiring minds want to know which version is better for my netbook? Paul Ferrill pummels UNR in hopes of finding an answer.

Can Windows 7 Catch up to KDE?

You can have Windows Genuine Advantage, Microsoft's trust-no-one innovation, or you can have the advanced KDE desktop, all full of polish and useful functionality. Bruce Byfield compares the two.

Fedora Linux 12 'Constantine' is a Milestone Release

Due for a November release, Fedora 12 is already shaping up as an exciting, jam-packed release that targets netbook users, virtualization, improved networking, and much more.

Gnome 3.0 Stealth Preview: Will Anyone Notice?

The introduction of KDE 4.0 was met with such an avalanche of outrage and criticism that Gnome developers can be forgiven for being a bit gun-shy. Gnome 2.28 appears to be almost a stealth introduction of Gnome 3.0; will anyone notice?

A Big Ole Assortment of 50 Open Source Apps for Small Business

Small and home businesses (SOHO) can benefit greatly from using open-source software applications. Cynthia Harveys offers a tasty buffet of 50 to get you started.

Palm Pre Linux-Based Smartphone Reviewed

The Linux-based Palm Pre is a sleek smartphone full of features-- but is it feature-ful enough? Gerry Blackwell gives a detailed report on this new entry in the smartphone marketplace.

ZaReason's New Terra A20 Ubuntu Netbook: Everything Works

Many vendors offer a variety of operating system options, but very few preload an OS targeted specifically at the netbook. ZaReason is one of the few and preloads Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix on their Terra A20 netbook. Paul Ferrill takes this little beauty for a spin.

Get Connected to the Internet Quickly with Instant-On Operating Systems

A Linux-powered instant-on OS can get you connected faster by shaving precious minutes or seconds off your Windows system's startup process. Joe Moran reviews HyperSpace, Presto, and Splashtop.

eBox Packages Linux LAN Services in a Friendly Bundle

"A very complex technology to make network management simple." That's what the developers of the eBox platform promise small and medium sized organizations, and it's certainly an attractive idea.

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