October 17, 2018

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The Beauty and Warts of KDE4

With the release of version 4.3, the majority of users finally seem to accept -- if not necessarily love -- the changes in KDE4. At this point, it seems fair to ask: How successful are the KDE 4 series of releases?

So Many Linux Desktops: Which One is Best?

Linux offers a wealth of graphical environments to choose from, from lean barebones window managers to massive colorful desktops full of applications and special effects. Which one is for you? Bruce Byfield compares XFCE, KDE, and Gnome.

The Official Ubuntu Server Book

The Official Ubuntu Server Book from Prentice Hall comes in several versions, including a Barnes & Noble Special Edition with extra content and a bonus DVD. Paul Ferrill reviews this new book that covers the important basic tasks every admin needs to master.

Protect Your Network with the Linux-based Untangle Gateway

Eric Geier introduces the Untangle Gateway, a Linux-based user-friendly Internet shield that provides a firewall, ad-blocking, anti-malware, protocol control, secure VPN, WAN balancing and failover, and other advanced and essential services for safely navigating the big bad Internet.

101 Great Enterprise Open Source Apps

The Linux and Free/Open Source Software world is chock-full of heavy-duty applications and suites for the enterprise, and many of them are cross-platform, running on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, and Windows: collaboration/groupware, business intelligence, point-of-sale, data warehouse, document management, e-commerce, accounting, human resource management, content management/Wikis, and much more. Cynthia Harvey presents a list of 101 excellent FOSS enterprise applications and suites.

Palm Pre Dances Nicely with Linux

Summer releases of the latest smart phones from Apple, Blackberry, Google and Palm have excited geeks all over the world. The big question on the mind of Linux users has to be "Can I sync my Linux machine and my cool new phone?" Paul Ferrill finds the answers for the new Linux-based Palm Pre.

Shuttle XS29f: Linux Looks Great in Green

The Shuttle XS29f delivers the goods in a small and power-smart box that "just works" with Linux.

The Joy and Pain of Gnome's NetworkManager

Pain-free networking is the promise of Gnome's NetworkManager. For mobile laptop users NetworkManager is great, but what about desktop and server deployments? Charlie Schluting takes it for a torture-test to find out.

Moblin 2.0 - A New Way to Make a Netbook Sing With Linux

The Moblin project started out in life as an operating system targeted at the Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform but has morphed into a prime candidate for the Netbook world. Paul Ferrill tests Moblin on a Lenovo S10e; hits some bumps, has some fun, and reports on his findings.

KDE 4.3: Fewer Radical Changes, More Polish and Refinement

With the release of the KDE 4.3 beta, the project is returning to incremental releases, and concentrating on customization and ease of use on the desktop, the panel, and system settings. Bruce Byfield takes an in-depth look.

8 Great Linux Apps Worth Bragging About, part 2

Last week we took a look at four great Linux/FOSS applications that are as good as any of their competitors, FOSS or proprietary. Today I'll wrap up with four more fine applications that I think are excellent and bragworthy, and that have not already been reviewed to death.

SUSE Studio Builds Customized Linux Appliances in a Flash

Novell's SUSE Studio brings a slick automation process to the world of Linux appliances. Paul Ferrill shows us how a few mouse clicks is all you need to create a fully bootable image in any of several formats, including a VMware image.

8 Great Linux Apps Worth Bragging About, part 1

From WYSIWYG Web authoring to video surveillance to audio recording to book authoring, Linux offers a wealth of featureful, capable applications. Today in part 1 Carla Schroder reviews four of her favorites.

Before Ubuntu Was SimplyMepis: A Long-Term Review

Despite being overshadowed by the popularity of Ubuntu in recent years, SimplyMepis is still one of the most friendly desktop distributions in the Linux landscape. Installation is easy, as most Linuxes are these days, but that's only the first step. Susan Linton reports on how SimplyMepis performs in daily use.

Power Up Your ASUS Netbook With 24 Free/Open Source Apps

The Free and Open Source software world has responded enthusiastically to the introduction of netbooks and created or modified dozens of applications and drivers for netbooks. Cynthia Harvey introduces us to a sampling of 24 FOSS applications for netbooks.

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