July 21, 2018

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Novell's Open Enterprise Server Builds A Bridge To Linux

Paul Ferrill takes us on a tour of Novell's Open Enterprise Server, which is built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). OES has all the bells and whistles that modern network admins require: cross-platform interoperability, domain services, user management, migration assistance, Web-based management, and more.

Switching from FrontPage to KompoZer

LinuxPlanet Classics: As so many wise persons say, migrating from Windows on your computer desktop to Linux is all about having the right applications. Eric Geier introduces KompoZer as a good option for users wanting to find a Microsoft FrontPage replacement.

Sharpen Your Mind and Have Fun With Tux

Who says you need Windows for gaming? First-person shooters, racing simulators, space exploration, card and board games, strategy and sims-- Eric Geier takes us on a tour of a tasty selection of native games for Linux.

Linux Wi-Fi Manager Roundup

The quest for easy wireless client management on Linux continues; Eric Geier takes us on a tour of three Linux network management tools for managing roaming, profiles, and encryption keys.

Tomato Firmware Turns Your Cheap Wireless Router Into a Powerhouse

Like DD-WRT and OpenWRT, Tomato is an excellent Linux-based replacement for your stock WRT54G wireless router family firmware. Unlike DD-WRT and OpenWRT, it presents a well-organized interface that appeals to both novices and advanced users.

Asus Eee PC 1000 Plus Ubuntu: Big Power in a Small Package

Paul Ferrill takes a look at the new, more powerful Asus EeePC 1000 from ZaReason, customized with Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Do a beefier CPU, more RAM, and goodies like a Webcam, Bluetooth,and a larger solid-state hard disk play well with Ubuntu?

Viewing the Night Sky with Linux, Part II: Visit the Planets With XEphem

In part two of this series, Akkana Peck takes us on a solar system tour via XEphem. We'll visit the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and learn how to get detailed information on thousands of far-away objects, and travel in time, both past and future.

Citadel: A Bastion of Groupware Functionality

Citadel is 100% GPL, and doesn't play games with making either binary or source downloads easily available. If I had to describe Citadel in a word, it would be "simplicity". It is a complex application with a lot of power and flexibility, but it's easy to install and administer.

openSUSE 11.0: A Versatile Linux Server

Paul Ferrill evaluates openSUSE 11.0, which shines on the desktop, for its fitness as a server capable of filling many different roles.

Smile and Say 'Cheese'

Marcel Gagn´┐Ż introduces Cheese, the photo booth application for Gnome. Cheese turns your Webcam-equipped PC into an instant photo booth, with a bonus- fun special effects.

OpenSUSE 11.0: A Solid, Up-to-Date Linux Desktop

Paul Ferrill reports that the newest release of openSUSE offers a polished, complete Linux distribution for both KDE and Gnome users, and it also supports a number of other window managers and visual environments, such as the lightweight LXDE. And it comes with a number of enhancements and features not included in most Linux distributions.

Ubuntu Mobile Edition: Review

Paul Ferrill agilely leaps over several hurdles in order to install and review Ubuntu Mobile Edition on a Samsung Q1 ultra-mobile PC, tests it for hardware compatibility and usability, and takes a look at Canonical's developer resources for UME.

Sidux, a Great Alternative to Ubuntu, Part 2

Last week we introduced ourselves to Sidux, the excellent Debian Sid implementation that makes Debian Sid a bit friendlier. Even though I thought I gave a number of reasons why a user might prefer Sidux to Debian Sid, or Ubuntu, or some other Debian derivative, they apparently were not clear to a number of readers.

HP Mini-Note a Sound Choice

HP's entry into the sub-Mini-Notebook arena comes in the form of the HP 2133, a sleek-looking, brushed aluminum finished, lightweight but well built beauty. You can see the attention to detail in the engineering when you first open it up. From the sturdy hinge to the scratch resistant display and connectivity options you'll find just about everything you would expect in an ultra-mobile laptop.

Sidux, a Great Alternative to Ubuntu

Sidux announced a brand-new release on June 26, Sidux 2008-02, so we're going to kick the tires and take it for a drive, and see what sets it apart from other children of Debian.

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