April 25, 2019

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Muck It Up With Tmux

Managing multiple sessions in the same terminal? Consider Tmux, a handy "terminal multiplexer." Joe Brockmeier takes a look at its basic usage and configuration on ServerWatch

Boot Portable Live USB Linux on Older Hardware

Portable USB Linux distros are wonderful go-anywhere Linuxes for troubleshooting and repair. The catch is older hardware doesn't always support booting from a USB stick-- but there is a workaround called Plop Boot Manager.

5 Excellent Linux Media Servers for the Enterprise

A good stout Linux media server has a home in the enterprise because it's a better tool than traditional file shares for storing, archiving, and sharing company multimedia presentations.

Top 59 Open Source Websites

The Free/Open Source software world is huge and sprawling. Cynthia Harvey presents a semi-organized list of good sites to learn about and download open source software.

10 Android Apps for Linux Server Admins

The Linux server admin on the go needs a good remote administration toolkit. Here are 10 useful remote administration apps for Android devices.

Farewell MS Exchange, Hello Linux Open-Xchange

Where oh where can we find refuge from Microsoft Exchange? One attractive option is Open-Xchange-- but what if your users revolt?

Seagate GoFlex Is Really a Pogoplug in Disguise

Little Linux-powered plug servers pack a big punch, serving up file sharing and multi-media streaming. Paul Ferrill explores the innards of the Seagate GoFlex, which offers USB 3.0 and streaming anywhere to anything.

53 Open Source Ways to Improve Your Desktop

The open source world has a feast of high-quality and useful applications for all platforms and all tasks. Cynthia Harvey collects 53 for your deployment and migration consideration.

6 Linux Groupware Servers

The Linux/FOSS world offers a wealth of excellent Linux-based groupware server choices, suitable for small shops to giant enterprises. Eric Geier rounds up six to get you started.

The Tiny Hackable Linux Pogoplug Pro

The CloudEngines line of tiny Pogoplug plug computers are fully-hackable little Linux servers. Paul Ferrill shows us what the Pogoplug Pro can do, and how to use it.

Three Excellent Linux Router Distros + 1 BSD

Linux is an endlessly adaptable networking and security powerhouse, from tiny to enterprise. Here is a sampling of three specialty Linux router distros and one based on FreeBSD.

Tired of Gnome and KDE Bloat and Bling? Try XFCE 4.8

When you get tired of bloat and bling, try the lean, mean, clean XFCE 4.8.

Can Linux Open-Xchange Replace Microsoft Exchange?

Whether you're replacing Microsoft Exchange or just looking for a competent groupware server, Open-Xchange is one of the leading contenders for Linux. How does it rate? Very well, with a few caveats.

20 Great Open Source Apps for Business

Open source software can save businesses a lot of money, and who doesn't like saving money? Matt Hartley rounds up 20 applications of interest to business users.

The Suits vs. Linux-- Conspiracy, Malice, or Clueless?

When it comes to corporate shenanigans, FOSS supporters tend to be rather naive. Bruce Byfield explains that what can be attributed to laziness, corporate politics, incompetence, and shortsightedness should not be attributed to conspiracy.

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