March 21, 2019

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Linux Top 3: Tails 1.4, 4MLinux 12 and TinyCore Linux 6.2

Minor updates abound for interesting distros

Linux Top 3: Peppermint Five, Mageia 4.1 and Debian LTS

Debian squeezes more life out of its 'oldstable' branch

5 Top News Items From LinuxCon

 Linux community celebrates 20 years of Linux innovations.

Mobility, Developer, Enterprise, Multimedia, and Much More: 49 Hot Open Source Applications

Turnkey Linux, Songbird, LogicalDOC, Brain Workshop, Evolutility, and many more-- the Open Source world is full of great applications for everything under the sun. Cynthia Harvey shares a sampling of 49 applications for all occasions.

50 Essential Open Source Security Tools

Cynthia Harvey takes us on a tour of fifty popular and powerful FOSS and FOSS-based security utilities: firewall, IDS, anti-malware, encryption, secure delete, forensics, and more. Some cost money, many are free, and all are excellent.

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