July 22, 2018

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Networking with Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows, Part III

In the first installment of this tutorial series we configured Ubuntu to share with Windows and set your Computer Name and Workgroup values. In Part II, we discovered the nitty gritty of the network connection details in Ubuntu. Finally, we'll figure out exactly how to share the files on your Ubuntu machine, both quick and easy, and with access controls.

Is Linux Ready for Small Business?

Many small businesses have avoided Linux for a variety of reasons: not enough applications, complexity of installation or that it requires too much technical know-how to run. The technology has matured over many years, which raises the question: how valid are these considerations today? Drew Robb reports.

Versora Progression Desktop 2.0 Progresses

Versora's Progression Desktop migration tool gets better with every release. Now on version 2.0, the developers have expanded the capabilities of the software and qualified it with many more operating systems. It's never been easier to transfer your settings from Windows to GNU/Linux. Jem Matzan files this review.

Linux Gains Ground in Wall Street Nooks, Crannies

Behind the scenes on Wall Street, who is really using Linux? Although developers remain the major practitioners, Linux is also making headway these days as a grid platform for transaction processing, a place for running algorithmic trading engines, and even as a desktop environment, according to participants in this week's SIA (Securities Industry Association) conference in New York City. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Wall Street: Linux Gets a Lift from Web Services, Tech Support

Are Linux and open source implementations rising on Wall Street? "Yes," said participants in a financial services IT trade show held this week in New York City, who cited Web services and incremental improvements to tech support as two big drivers. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Integration: Versora Readies Software for Gradual Migration

For companies looking at adopting Linux on the desktop, Versora is now readying a new edition of its Progression Desktop software, slated to offer new "transitional" capabilities geared to giving users a chance to make the move gradually.

Clients Find The IDEAL Way

How do you make money with free and open source software? You get really good at implementing it for a variety of tough clients. Orlando-based IDEAL Technology Corp. is one such company, celebrating five years of Linux consultancy with clients such as the Army and the IEEE in their portfolio.

Linux Vendors Push Migration Strategies

Use Linux today, all the pundits proclaim. The cost seems right, the scale seems right... there's just one problem: what's the best way of actually migrating to this open-source OS? Recently, more vendors are stepping up with clear guidelines and toolkits that can make the move to Linux a lot easier.

Big Machines, Big Linux

Often called the aging dinosaur of IT, the IBM mainframe product line is starting to make a real comback in sales and deployment. The secret to its recent success, of course, is server consolidation with Linux as the platform. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols focuses on the new IBM z990, aka the T-Rex, which shows that dinosaurs should not be trifled with.

Admin Digest: Setting Up A SuSE 8.0 Linux DHCP Client

Enterprise businesses with their own IT staffs may have the knowledge and where-with-all to implement Linux in their organizartions, but what about the small-business owner who has to manage everything from buying pencils to setting up the network? The Admin Digest is a new series designed to address Linux solutions for people who have other things they can be doing with their time. This first installment examines how to use SuSE Linux 8.0 to create a DHCP client system.

Students Score Big Opportunities For Learning Using Linux

In a practical sense, it is rather hard to ask users to just quit using the technology they're used to cold turkey. Rather than abandoning their use of Windows altogether in favor of Linux and Open Source, one Florida school is opting for a slower, more balanced approach as they move towards Open Source and Free Software. And, as Rob Reilly reports, the results are already pretty dramatic.

Routing NetBIOS with Linux

Use Linux to allow NT/95 Workstations to see the Network Neighborhood across different Masqueraded TCP Networks, by following this tutorial from Matt Clements.

HP Openmail available

Award winning Email package from HP now available with full support. Free version will also be available.

Microsoft buys some Linux Technology

Microsoft says it has bought small San Francisco Unix developer Softway Systems. Software Systems are developing a product which some have called "Linux for Windows"

Linux and Unix threaten Microsoft's plans for NT

Analyst Nicholas Petreley claims Linux outperforms NT in many typical business situations; a problem for Microsoft!

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