July 21, 2018

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Conquering Samba File Permissions Hell

Going all control-freak on a Samba share and trying to finely slice-and-dice file permissions is the path to madness. Charlie Schluting has some sensible ideas on managing file permissions on your fileserver.

Finding Things on Linux and Understanding Regular Expressions

Juliet Kemp shares some useful regular expressions for finding things on your Linux system. She also guides us through the perilous minefields of single quotes, double quotes, and shell expansion, and shows us how to craft our own custom regular expressions.

Get the Most Out of Your Multicore Processor

So you've got a shiny new multicore processor and the urge to take it out for a spin. How do you know whether you're getting the most out of it? Akkana Peck tells you how to monitor your machine and make the most out of all that processing power.

Automating Email Reminders to Yourself

Good old-fashioned cron and mail can easily be set up to send yourself email reminders for anything you want. Juliet Kemp shows how.

Zenity Brings a Little GUI Goodness to Linux Shell Scripts

Paul Ferrill shows how adding a graphical user interface (GUI) component to any utility script can make it more user friendly, and introduces us to an excellent tool for doing this---Zenity.

How do You Really Measure Linux Bloat?

In the last article, Akkana Peck talked about the different types of Linux memory and how deceptive values like Virtual Size and Resident Set Size can be. Today she shows us how to get more useful numbers so we can figure out which programs really are memory hogs.

Secure Remote Access with the Linux-based Untangle Gateway

An SSL portal isn't as secure as a real VPN (virtual private network) such as OpenVPN, but it's easier to set up and is good for specific functions. The Untangle gateway makes setting up and managing an SSL-based Web portal fast and easy; Eric Geier shows how.

Turn Vim or Emacs Into and IDE With Exuberant-Ctags

Ctags generate index (tag) files of the names in header and source files, which speeds up source code navigation in your favorite text editor. Juliet Kemp introduces exuberant-ctags in Vim and Emacs.

Build a High Powered Linux Workstation on the Cheap

Remember the olden days of hertzes and bytes? Now it's giga-everything. Paul Ferrill takes advantage of low hardware prices to build a super-duper high-power Linux workstation for cheap. How cheap? $1000? $500?

Secure VPN the Easy Way With the Linux-based Untangle Router

There are a lot of bogus VPN (virtual private network) products sold for big bucks that are not real VPNs at all, but SSL portals. OpenVPN is a genuine secure VPN that supports both site-to-site tunnels, to create a nice secure WAN on the cheap, and remote individual clients. Eric Geier shows us how to use the Untangle gateway to set up a good stout OpenVPN server the easy way.

Use Multiple Debian Versions At the Same Time

If you like the reliability of Debian Stable, buy yearn for some newer packages from Testing or Unstable, you can have it all. Juliet Kemp shows us how to run a mixed Debian installation and pull packages from whatever version we desire.

Finding and Trimming Linux Bloat

When you eat too much pizza, stepping on the scale the next day will tell you right away if you're getting bloated. It should be just as easy with Linux programs, right? Well, not quite, but you can track down memory hogs on Linux, and Akkana Peck shows us how.

Colorizing the Linux Command Line

A little color makes the Linux command line easier to read. Juliet Kemp shows how easy it is to add a little color to your command shell.

Old Meets New: Using Mutt on the Android G1

Juliet Kemp is a Mutt (powerful text email client) user, even in these modern times, and shows us how to use old-school Mutt + SSH for security on the newfangled Android G1.

8 Ways to Recyle Old Wireless Gear

802.11n is the hot new wi-fi standard, all faster, better, and less interfering with common wireless devices than 802.11a/b/g. But don't get rid of your old devices---give them new jobs. Eric Geier offers 8 great ways to recycle old wi-fi gear.

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