March 21, 2019

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Tip: Prioritizing CPU Cores on Linux

Any server made in the last five years or so is going to have at least a dual-core CPU. Linux has a nifty tool to assign specific tasks to a particular core, taskset.

Deep System Discovery on your Linux Server With /proc

/proc is a virtual filesystem generated at boot and updated regularly by the kernel. With /proc you can investigate exactly what hardware your Linux kernel sees, what processes it is running, boot options, and also manipulate kernel events.

Advanced Linux Server Troubleshooting (part 2)

You know the basics of how to find out what an errant process is doing. But what do you do when the basics aren't enough?

Linux Scapy Guards Your Servers (part 2)

Scapy is a flexible tool for both capturing and generating network traffic, and performing whatever type of analysis you want. In Part 2 Paul Ferrill goes deeper into designing custom tests with just a few lines of code.

Tip: Easier Linux crontab Editing

Scheduled jobs are a basic server administrator task. Joe Brockmeier shows an easy way to use crontab, the Linux job scheduler.

Troubleshooting Linux Servers

You thought you had it all working, didn't you? But then your users report slowdowns, or your logfiles are empty, or jobs don't run-- so how do you find out what's going on?

Linux Server Troubleshooting With strace

strace is a useful little debugging utility for both developers and server admins that exposes what a program is doing by tracing the system calls. Juliet Kemp introduces us to using strace to see what a program is doing under the hood.

Linux Backup Server: Remote Wakeup, Automatic Shutdown

In part 3 of this series we learn how to use WOL, Wake-on-LAN, and the finer points of shutting a system down.

Monitor Linux Traffic With vnStat

Linux is chock-full of excellent system and network administration tools, and today Brian Proffitt introduces vnStat, the kernel-level network monitor and analyzer.

Linux Protects Your Servers with Scapy (part 1)

The best server and network security tools come from Linux and FOSS. Paul Ferrill introduces Scapy, a powerful Python-based networking protocol analysis and testing tool.

grml, the No-Frills Linux Rescue CD--USB

You want a good end-user live CD? Go with Knoppix. You want a server admin's toolbox with minimal fluff and maximum usability? Go with grml, a Debian-based live CD/USB that packs in more than 1,700 applications and utilities.

OpenOffice Bug-- Stuck in Document Recovery Loop

Does OpenOffice get stuck in Document Recovery and drive you crazy? Here is how I got out.

More GIMP Tricks for Doctoring Images (part 2)

In Part 1 Gimp guru Akkana Peck showed us how to cut arbitrary objects out of images. Today we learn advanced techniques for seamless blending into new images.

What's The Fastest Partition Scheme On Cheap Flash Media?

You read the "Fastest Flash" article so you already know Ext4 can turbocharge your thumb drive. Using GPT (GUID Partition Table) will rocketize your thumb drive even more.

Linux Commands for 99 Bottles of Beer and Disk Space

Linux server admins need good scripting skills and command-line chops, but who says they can't be fun? Learn Bash Karaoke with 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, quickly find disk hogs, and display used/free disk space.

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