February 21, 2019

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5 Linux Network Monitoring Tools

Linux networking monitoring tools work on all networks-- Linux, BSD, Mac, Unix, and Windows. Paul Ferrill introduces new admins to a basic monitoring toolkit.

Arch Linux Backup Server-- Headless Administration

Earlier this week I reviewed the Antec 300 case that houses my new home fileserver. Now it's time to talk about what's inside.

GIMP Tricks for Isolating Parts of Images

It's one of the most common questions -- how do you take one part of a photo and make it ready to paste somewhere else? Akkana Peck answers.

Tracing Linux Problems With Strace

Strace is handy tool for performance testing and troubleshooting on Linux; in this article learn how to do some basic troubleshooting when your applications crash or refuse to start.

What's The Fastest Linux Filesystem On Cheap Flash Media?

Compact Flash and SD storage cards are everywhere; gigabytes for cheap in a tiny form factor. Most come formatted with VFAT. Inquisitive minds want to know what is the fastest Linux filesystem for these little devices?

Build a Secure Internet Gateway with Endian Linux

Linux is cram-full of networking and network security goodness, and the Endian Firewall Community distribution is a complete "turn-key" Internet gateway and networking appliance. Eric Geier walks us through setting up local networking and secure remote access on Endian.

Syncing Linux With iPad

Inquiring Linux minds want to know if they can make an iPad work with Linux, without a Mac or Windows box. The answer is sort of yes, as Paul Ferrill discovers.

How to Set GNU Screen as Your Default Linux Shell

GNU screen is an excellent and popular tool for managing multiple console sessions on Linux. Joe Brockmeier shows how to make it your default Linux Linux shell.

Advanced IRC with Smuxi

If you spend much time with any open source project, you're probably going to be spending time in IRC. If you want to make sure you don't miss a minute of your project's conversations, you'll want to check out Smuxi.

Snakes on a Couch! Using Python with CouchDB, Part II-- Where do you want to eat?

Akkana Peck completes her introductory series to CouchDB, one of the newfangled distributed "NoSQL" databases. In Part 2 we learn more fundamental ways to manage CouchDB with Python.

4 Archiving Tools for Linux Server Admins

There are all kinds of fancy backup applications, from free to complicated and expensive. But it's still hard to beat the speed, simplicity, and flexibility of the old standbys.

Tech Tip: Replace Canned Air with a Portable Air Compressor

Keeping the insides of our computers clean is a good practice, but canned air is expensive and wasteful. One alternative is portable air compressor.

OpenSSH Shortcut: Escaping a Session Without Disconnecting

When you have an active SSH session and need to run some local commands, you can escape the session without disconnecting, and then return to it. Juliet Kemp shows us how.

Snakes on a Couch! Using Python with CouchDB

Even if you're not a database wonk, you've probably been hearing some talk about this newfangled thing called CouchDB. For one thing, the new Ubuntu desktop uses it for things like the addressbook and Tomboy notes. So what is CouchDB, anyway?

Enabling Unicode Email in Mutt and PuTTY

Unicode and locale problems rise up and bite at the strangest times; Juliet Kemp shows how to make Unicode, PuTTY, and Mutt work in harmony.

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