February 21, 2019

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Power to the PC: How to Select a Computer Power Supply

Watts don't tell the whole story and bigger isn't always better; Paul Ferrill shows us the key specifications to consider when selecting a new computer power supply.

Rescuing Difficult Panoramas on Linux, Hugin part 2

Hugin is a wonderful and powerful photo panorama creator for Linux, but sometimes it gets confused and doesn't seem to know what to do. Akkana Peck offers some tips on getting Hugin back on track.

Automating your Android Phone with SL4A

Back in Part 1 we learned how flexible and script-able Android is, and installed the SL4A scripting layer. Today Paul Ferrill teaches more about how to write custom Android scripts.

Best Practices with sudo on Linux

Ubuntu's use of sudo to simplify Linux administration is ingenious, but barely scratches the surface of what sudo can do. Follow along as Yvo Van Doorn of Likewise Software unlocks the powers of sudo.

Painless Panorama Stitching in Linux with Hugin

When you get serious about creating panoramas on Linux, there's really only one answer: Hugin. Akkana Peck shows us how.

Android Scripting With Python

Google's new Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) opens up a whole new world of programming your Android using familiar languages like Python, Perl, Jruby and Lua. Paul Ferrill walks us through installing and trying out SL4A with Python.

Fotoxx -- the Greatest Little Linux Photo Editor You've Never Heard Of

F-spot, shotwell, solang -- some distros are arguing about what should be the default "simpler than GIMP" image editor. But there's one that never seems to get mentioned and deserves a look: fotoxx.

Booting Linux With the New EXTLINUX

Booting a Linux system is a complex process, and we owe a big thanks to H. Peter Anvin for maintaining several crucial Linux bootloaders. Juliet Kemp takes a look at the SYSLINUX family of bootloaders, including the brand-new EXTLINUX for booting ext2/3/4 and btrfs.

Little-Known 'Less' Command Options

less is a useful command used routinely by many Linux users. But how many of us have really explored less? Juliet Kemp shows us some of the less command's many useful options.

Setting Up OpenVPN on a DD-WRT Router, Part 2

Eric Geier continues his series on how to set up a VPN server, from stepping though enabling the OpenVPN server, installing SSL certificates, and configuring clients and testing.

Using ALSA to Control Linux Audio

ALSA has been the default Linux sound system for many years, and it is a perfectly capable audio subsystem even in this modern era of fancy new things. Carla Schroder shows us how to to control Linux audio with ALSA.

Ubuntu Tip: Turning PulseAudio On and Off

PulseAudio was supposed to cure desktop audio in Linux. But for many Ubuntu users it has been a vexation. Carla Schroder shows us how to turn it on and off so that it runs when we want it to, not when it wants to.

Time-Lapse Photography with your Inexpensive Canon Camera (CHDK p. 3)

When your camera is 500 feet up hanging from a balloon, how do you tell it when to shoot photos? Or you want to shoot some time-lapse photos of clouds, the changing light on a mountain, a slow-moving highway repair crew...Akkana Peck shows us how to remote-control all kinds of Canon camera functions using CHDK, the Canon Hack Development Kit.

Build a Better VPN With OpenVPN and DD-WRT

The popular and powerful DD-WRT firmware turbocharges small consumer broadband routers. Eric Geier shows how to turn your little blue box into a stout, secure, reliable OpenVPN server.

Firewire Audio on Linux: Fixing FFADO dbus-service Errors

If you are using a Firewire recording interface with the FFADO drivers, and keep getting a "ERROR: Could not communicate with the FFADO DBus service" message, or "Somehow the connection to the dbus-service of FFADO couldn't be established", I may have the solution for you.

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