December 18, 2018

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Quickly Un-doing a git Commit

Sometimes you slip up and mistakenly commit a file or files to a git version control system, and want to yank it back out. How do you do this? Juliet Kemp shows how.

Linux Multi-Distro Package Manager Cheatsheet

Linux is blessed with several different package managers, so using a different distribution often means learning a different way to install, update, and remove software. Use Juliet Kemp's handy package manager cheatsheet to get going with a minimum of fuss.

Turn Your Compact Canon Camera Into a Super-Camera With CHDK

In Part 1 we learned how to safely install CHDK on a Canon point-and-shoot camera to get high-end features. Today we learn how to use some of those features like movie zoom, RAW mode, histograms, and much more.

Fixing sudo Permission Denied Errors

Using sudo instead of su can lead to some odd permissions problems and 'permission denied' error messages. Juliet Kemp shows how to get around these.

Finding Free Fonts for Linux

Getting a bit tired of the font selection your distribution ships with? Want a bit more variety for presentations or publications? Tons of fonts are available under open licenses, but only if you know where to look.

3 Excellent Command-linefus for Linux

Commandlinefu.com is a fun repository for storing and sharing shell commands with the rest of the world. Juliet Kemp shares three standout one-liners.

RAW Support (and more) For Your Canon Camera With CHDK

Canon's digital cameras, like all digital cameras, are really little computers. Certain features are enabled or disabled to justify different price points. It's all done in software, so the wizards of CHDK have created firmware to add new features (such as RAW support), and to do it safely without bricking your camera. Akkana Peck tells how in part one of this series.

Linux Bash History Speed Tips

Bash is the default command shell on most Linux distributions. Bash keeps a history of the commands that you run, and Juliet Kemp shows us some neat shortcuts for re-using those commands.

Cloning With Linux 3 Ways

With Linux you can make a perfect clone of any partition or hard drive, including Mac and Windows. Paul Ferrill introduces us to three Linux utilities for making perfect disk images.

3 Ways to Customize Your Bash Shell

Linux's Bash shell can be customized by editing some configuration files. Juliet Kemp sorts out which ones and what to use them for.

Beyond Makefiles: GNU make is For More Than Just Compiling

You're probably familiar with using makefiles to build executables from source code. But did you know that GNU make can automate many tasks? Juliet Kemp teaches us how.

GIMP 3-D, 3 Ways

When you add text to a photo in GIMP, sometimes it comes out looking flat and boring. Akkana Peck explore three ways of adding an extra dimensions to your images and text.

Apache Helps the iPad Share Documents

In which Juliet Kemp learns how to make the iPad share documents even when it doesn't really want to.

Making Movies in Linux with Kdenlive, part 2

In part one we made a basic movie with kdenlive. Pretty easy! But we can make a better movie by adding some effects, so Akkana Peck shows us how to add transitions between scenes, music and titles.

Tip: Using Autoexpect to Create Interactive Scripts in Linux

Scripting interactive operations can be a challenge, but the expect command is tailor-made for this. Juliet Kemp offers some tips on using this handy scripting tool.

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