September 22, 2018

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Linux Howto: Cleaning up Your GRUB 2 Menu (part 2)

The GRUB 2 boot menu is long, confusing, and ugly. Akkana Peck reveals undocumented features and shows us how to weed out bogus entries, and make it look nicer and more readable.

Make Your Personal Linux Cloud With Tonido

If the concept of cloud storage and applications is appealing, but not the idea of handing control of your data over to someone else, then why not set up your own little cloud? Dmitri Popov shows us how with Tonido.

Grub2 Worms Into Ubuntu (part 1)

GRUB2 has been a long time coming, and is finding its way into users' hands mainly via Ubuntu 9.10. Is it better than legacy GRUB? Should you upgrade? Akkana Peck guides through the mazy paths of GRUB2 in this series.

Making Debian and Kerberos Get Along

Kerberos and Debian's default /etc/hosts don't always see eye-to-eye; Juliet Kemp shows us a workaround.

5 Linux Speed Tips

There are many ways to do the same tasks in Linux, which is a lovely thing because it means we can tailor our workflows to suit our own personal needs. Here are five of Carla Schroder's favorite speed and efficiency tips.

Make Pretty GUI Apps Fast with Python-Qt

KDE users love the look of all those pretty applications. The key is the toolkit KDE uses: Qt. Akkana Peck uses a poker game to show how quickly you can create a nice-looking graphical application.

Personal Finances on Linux with KMyMoney

Linux users have several good personal finance managers, like KMyMoney, which has matured into a feature-full, easy-to-use application. Eric Geier covers automatic updating, check printing, plugins, and other useful features.

7 KOffice Tips and Tricks

OpenOffice gets all the attention, but Linux gives you several excellent office suites to choose from. KOffice is fast, powerful, and has a nice clean customizable interface; Eric Geier shares some tips to help make your KOffice experience as great as possible.

Print Beautiful Custom Calendars in Linux With Photo Calendar

Santa didn't bring you any calendars this year? Feeling a creative urge? Try Photo Calendar for creating and printing your own beautiful custom calendars.

Upgrading a CPU (part 2)

There is a right way to remove and replace your computer's CPU, and several wrong ways. Carla Schroder shows the right way, and how it isn't very difficult.

How to Upgrade a CPU, part 1

Upgrading a CPU is pretty easy, and usually takes just a few minutes. The hard part is figuring out which to buy. In part 1, Carla Schroder sorts out how to pick one that is compatible with your existing motherboard.

Linux-powered Packet Fence Protects Your Network

Packet Fence bundles many useful and powerful network protection tools into an attractive, integrated package. Such as network access control, monitoring, intrusion detection, VLAN isolation, DHCP fingerprinting, and captive portal. Eric Geier introduces us to this protective powerhouse.

Fixing Your Holiday Photos With GIMP

Redeye, wrong exposure, blemishes, and other defects can afflict your holiday photos. But despair not, for GIMP can fix them. And here's a little secret: it's easy. Akkana Peck shows how.

Printing Your Custom GIMP Holiday Cards

You've made your beautiful custom holiday cards with GIMP, and now you're ready to print them. What's the best way? Your own inkjet printer at home, or farm the work out to someone else?

Configuring Strong Wi-Fi (802.1X) Authentication in Linux, Part II

As the weaker forms of wireless encryption fail, migrating to stronger encryption protocols becomes more urgent. Eric Geier shows how to configure Linux clients to use strong encryption to connect to wireless networks.

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