April 24, 2019

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collectl for Makes System Monitoring a Snap

Need a system monitoring utility that also handles NFS, Slab data, and sub-second intervals? Try collectl.

What's So great About Debian Goodies?

For admins who work with Debian-based systems, Debian Goodies is invaluable for knowing which packages have release-critical bugs, hog the most disk space  and  more.

Seize Control of Your Sites With Siege

Admins  rolling out a site often  want to know  how it will perform post-deployment. Siege, a load-testing and benchmarking utility, is one way to get a preview.

RPM Management Tips

RPMs on Fedora or RHEL-derived systems can be complex. These five features make it easier.

Debian Package Management Made Easy

These 5 tools make managing Debian packages a breeze.

CPAN Minus Makes Managing Perl Modules Easier

Perl's standard CPAN shell makes using the popular programming language more complex than it needs to be. CPAN Minus removes much of the clutter.

CairoPlot Makes Pretty Python Plotting a Possibility

Data aficionados constantly on the lookout for better ways to display charts and graphs will appreciate CairoPlot. ServerWatch looks at this Python-based plotting software that is pretty enough to impress even the most jaded Mac user.

Charting and Graphing Logfiles for Linux Server Admins

Some Linux server admins are comfortable with wading through text logfiles, but why wade when you can create beautiful charts and graphs that highlight trouble spots? Try the excellent CairoPlot for beautiful, informative visual server log analysis.

Easy Linux Fileserver With WebDav

You don't need some big fancy expensive groupware suite for simple file sharing; just set up a good stout Linux fileserver with WebDav and be done with it. No muss, no fuss.

Building the Ultimate Linux Test Server, part 1

We're going to build a machine fit for testing server operating systems, that can be quickly re-configured and run whatever we throw on it. Follow along as Paul Ferrill walks us through the hardware, and then the software.

Unattended Linux Wakeup, Backup, Shutdown (part 5)

At last we come to the end of this series and put all the pieces together, and put our fabulous unattended automatic backup scheme to work. You need never lift a finger except to run periodic checks to make sure everything is working correctly.

Linux Backup Server: Refining Rsync, Passwordless Authentication

At last here are the final two parts of this series. Today we learn how to tell rsync which files to include or exclude, set up passwordless login on the backup server, and safely test everything.

Cross-compiling Custom Kernels for Little Linux Plug Computers

Little Linux plug computers come ready-to-use. But they're still Linux, which means hackable. Today we learn how to build a custom kernel for a plug computer.

Goodbye MS Exchange: Good Linux Email Servers

Don't pay top dollar for Microsoft lard when you can get the best mail servers for free. The Linux world is full of great servers, both free and with commercial support options.

Testing Linux Mail Servers with OpenSSL

Yesterday Juliet Kemp showed us how to perform basic server tests with telnet. Today Carla Schroder shows how to test TLS/SSL-enabled POP3 and IMAP servers.

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